Neo – Stucco

When we look at an artwork or craft objet we can immediately identify characteristics coming from its cultural origin. A prominent characteristic is the ornament, which is defined by the work technique and symbols of its cultural group, in a certain period of time. The Austrian historian Alois Riegl, describes the ornaments a universal means of […]

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Much research has been carried out regarding the historical methods of storing water. By examining the material components and design differences of every earthenware remnant, researchers learned more about ancient civilizations regarding their cultural, economic, production and technological values. The choice to design water bottles resulted from my desire to create an object expressing the […]

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Terra Cotta #2.2

‘TERRA COTTA 2.2’ designed by Talia Mukmel is a part of an ongoing philosophical research that strives to combine material and cultural motives coming from ancient civilizations together with modern industrial processing methods. In 2011, as part of a project at ‘Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design’, Talia had her first challenge when she was […]

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O.59 g

The search for the seam point between technology and handcrafts brought me to the creation of a production line that tries to preserve the identity and characteristics of products involved. I chose to create and develop an object that is a cross breeding between two pieces from distant worlds, but with similar characteristics – vase […]

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Terra cotta #1

A series of bowls made of sand and flour, baked in a home oven. This project was born from the desire to explore a simpler world, leaving aside the huge amount of possibilities that technology and materials allows us. A research after African tribes brought me to understand that by combining basic methods and basic materials, it […]

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