Terra Cotta #2.2


In 2011, Talia created the series of bowls Terra Cotta#1, which was inspired by ancient cultures using materials available in her immediate environment such as sand, flour and threads. In the current series, Talia had chosen to blur the boundaries between past and present. The thread used to create the original handmade pattern was changed by a wire mesh preplanned designed, which was produced by a chemical etching technology. Sand and flour are raw and very common materials, used by the majority of the population around the world all throughout history and to this day. As was the case in the first series, the use of these two elements is crucial for this research. Flour is mostly made up of starch, which is the element that allows the grains of sand to stick together. Sand, contains salt, which preserves the piece from harmful insects to grow. The mixture of these two elements swells up in the “baking process” to a unique pattern so that no two bowls are exactly the same.



Materials and Technologies

Sand, flour and water, baked into a metal basket produced by chemical etching technology